2010. október 8., péntek

I love simple elegance and honestly I can't say that I meet people in the street who dress like this nowadays and I think it's a big problem because minimalism is COME BACK!Ok, the hardest is to dress like this because if you choose this style it is very important to choose your clothes thoroughly...most important is to choose a qualitative bag with good shoes and these two give the "frame" of your look and you have to bild up your clothes for these. I don't like to mix gold with silver so I always keep an eye on it! Another good advice: don't wear a belt if you tuck in your shirt to your jeans!

Shoes: from Italy(best place to buy shoes...these are my fav ones)
Jeans: Gas
T-shirt: Mango
Chinese Jacket:) : Zara
Sunglasses: Gucci
Bag: Gucci
Rings: Swarovski, H&M

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